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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war is another FPS shooter from the long-standing franchise Call of Duty. Call of Duty first started its competitive online game modes when they first released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 back in 2007 almost 13 years ago.

Three principles of a Call of Duty Game

The game follows the basic principles that Modern Warfare 4 laid down. First of which is the gun ranking system. You use a gun long enough and do a few missions and the game will unlock new attachments to the gun to help you customize it for fun or competition.

The second principle that Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War continues is the perks system. Similar to the gun ranking system you can level up your profile thus helping you unlock perks. Some perks are harder to unlock than others with the added mission but they are all worth it. The big difference is now there are three perks and then there were only two. Perks are divided into Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War a three-tier system. This system ensures there aren’t curtain combinations of perks benign used that could break the game.

The third principle the famous FPS shooter carries on from its predecessors is killstreaks. There has only been one call of duty where players could use death streaks in which players were given ability upon dying repeatedly. The community at large hated death streaks and famously loathed the last stand. The last stand gave a player dozens of seconds extra to live and a handgun where they are forced to crawl on their back until a friend picks them up. In this position, they could also open fire on enemies which is the root of the frustration. There are only a few killstreaks available but once you use them enough times you can unlock more increasing the customizability, fun, and hopefully competitive edge.

Rank your Gun

Once you have enough of these customizable options open due to painfully long grinding you can begin to mix and match to see what combinations work best for you. Unfortunately for whatever reason, this Call of Duty has the longest and most tedious ranking up system yet. A lot of players report great frustration due to the time it takes to unlock attachments to just one gun, which is important.

Which brings me to my first tip: unlocking attachments to your favorite gun is the best way to be competitive. When entering a gunfight with a similar reaction time then the gun with less time to kill wins. It’s that simple. Some people have said that certain sights add damage to your gun since Modern Warfare 4 and whether or not that’s true maybe the mental edge of believing it is enough to win a few gunfights. Once everything is unlocked using the Gunfighter Wildcard will help you immensely buy letting you add one more attachment. Gunfighter gunfights are just a bit easier.

Boosting in Black Ops Cold War

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Tip two is a slide and slide cancels. Even if your gun has a higher time to kill if you get the drop on your opponent it won’t matter. Slide into gunfights and if you have to slide out of gunfights. Slide canceling is when you stop the sliding animation early so that you aiming at your enemy’s head much quicker. Those few seconds of sliding animation that you stopped early could be the difference between life and death and victory and defeat.

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Another fun aspect of Call of Duty that this game does not adopt other than a quick and fun ranking system is: aim to assist on jump shots. Aim assist is done for console gamers. On PC you only need to point and click but for people on consoles, it’s a bit harder to keep your radical on target so the computer helps you a bit. All the computer-generated help has been removed leaving your aim completely friendless and well off.

There is no aim assist on jump shots, why? I can’t tell you. All we do know is it’s over and we have to adapt. Old habits die hard if at all and jump shooting is an old old habit especially for the older gamers that have been doing it for over 10 years. jump shooting was used to dodge bullets or maybe just to get an opponent of focus. Jump shooting didn’t work but when it did it got your blood pumping. Nostalgia a said, if you want to win, leave jump-shooting behind you.

Filed Mic

Use Field Mic as much as you can. Filed Mics are part of the field upgrade package. You can use these to listen to enemy movements to help secure a flank. In moments of great stress behind enemy lines, these devices can help you focus on what is down your sights rather than looking over your shoulder every ten seconds cousin you to surround yourself. Snipers can also use these helpful devices to secure down their flanks for when you find that spot that seems to feed all game long.

Stim Shot

Stim shot is also very helpful if you want to defeat the sweatiest of lobbies. Stim shot helps you heal quickly. Usually, when you are in a gunfight and go for cover there are a few second delays before you are fully healed. This healing mechanic is put in place to not let the enemy feel cheated when they just shoot some holes in you and are running trying to run you down for a kill only to find you completely fine. Stim shot is that cheat that your enemy would feel so frustrated if you were to use it. Imagine getting jumped and then sliding to cover and as soon as the enemy rounds the corner you are full health and shooting him down for the win. Stim shot is GG in a bottle.

Dual Class System

Have Gun-Ho class and a Ghost class. Gun-Ho is best for the early game when you want to assert your dominance by running around the map throwing grenades and getting quick picks. Once the enemy team starts using UAVs to spot you that is when you use your Ghost class to sneak around the map using their UAVs against them by giving them a false sense of security. Add a silencer to your Ghost class and you’ll find yourself getting wins left and right. Get those early kills with Gun HO and those mid to late game kills with Ghost.