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Guidance, a path, and a direction are all that a dedicated and smart person needs to fulfill his dream. If someone is smart has an idea and a plan to fulfill his dreams and make his destiny true. But if one is highly capable and motivated toward his goal but does’nt have a guiding path or a direction to follow he’ll face a lot more hurdles and obstacles in his journey. One can get to his destiny and fulfill his dream all by his own but a mentor or a direction makes the journey easier and hassle-free. Meaning that a direction is worth a lot in the right hands and if you want to be successful at anything you’ll need it.

The secret to success is an open one and in the elements of success, you also need a direction or a path to follow.  You can only get direction from the person who was on the journey that you are currently in and you can find that person by yourself. The same analogy is also applicable in gaming because if you want to be a good player or want to excel at a specific game you need someone to teach you, to tell you what to do he has to give you a direction to follow and have to leave you to do the rest of hard work.

In this blog, we are going to talk about apex legends and one of the most popular legends “wraith”. She is Considered as one of the most active characters in the game because her pick rate is around 8.5 %  which is considered good considering the game has 25 legends. This blog will be a guide on how to play with Wraith and win matches.

Her Abilities:

Wraith is one of the most creative legends in the game. What I mean by that is Wraith’s potential is great and is also limited by your creativity. For instance wraith’s passive can tell exactly where the enemies are and by using that as leverage you can create space and can also flank your enemies. My point is that her abilities are a great exposure in the right hands. Here are some tips that you can use to get better at the game.

Passive ( Voices from the Void):

Her passive like everybody else’s is not great upon or until in some circumstances. Let me tell you why because in the battle royals whenever a player sees an enemy he will most likely attack you and in that you’ll already know where to look and where the bullets are coming from. That is why her passive isn’t great in most situations but it is useful when enemies are trying to flank you and in that case, the voices from the void can come in clutch, or at least it can alert you.

Tactical (Into the Void):

Her tactical on the other hand is quite good because it can help you in certain situations. The most basic thing it can do is it can save your life when you get rushed by the enemy squad. It can also be used to flank your enemies but this can also backfire because if someone catches a glance at you and if they can make an educated guess for your next position then this will be disastrous for you. The reason is that when you are using your tactical you can’t use your guns and if the enemies know where are you heading then it is game over for you. So use your head and time her tactical in needed case scenarios. The tactical is also good for skipping out and outrunning the closing ring because into the void protects you from taking damage and also increases your speed by 20%.

Ultimate (Dimensional Drift):

Wraith’s ultimate is kind of overpowered when used correctly because it is essentially a portal with no limit of distance so you can get crazy on it. The only limitation it has is that it’s only available for 60 seconds but the benefit here is uncanny because your whole team can use this portal and can play around it. If we talk about the downside then there aren’t any visible downsides of this ultimate.

How to use her Kit:

While I have given her abilities and their best use case scenarios I think I should also put some more ways of using them to your advantage.

The first tip would be to be a go-getter if you have the tactical loaded up this way you can bring out the most needed information for your team and can also point your enemies for your teammates and if something goes wrong you can always escape the fight with your tactical.

The second tip is that you could also be a camper who tries to survive till the end because of the standing points and Wraith can help you with that also because if someone saw you her passive can tell you that immediately and you can use her tactical to escape any possible fights or enemy confrontation.

My last tip would be that you just play for the team and do whatever it takes to reassure or be beneficial for your team because at the end of the day, Apex Legends is a team game and you can’t win the game alone. You could help your team by being the entry fragger or by being the sniper because, in both of these roles, your tactical and passive can help greatly.

Wraith’s Best Possible Pairs:

Apex Legends is a game where you have to pair the legends with each other so that each of the legend’s abilities complements the other’s abilities. This is what makes a good player’s team a great and champion team. So I will try to list some of the best pairs for wraith.

1. Octane:

You might think picking two skirmishers in one team is a dumb idea but the exposure and rushness that octane brings coupled with the escapism of wraith can be a lethal combo for the opponents.

2. Gibraltar:

Gibraltar is great with any legend in the game so he is a perfect fit with Wraith also. Gibraltar coupled with wraith can be a good combo considering that one is a medic and a support legend while the other is all or nothing skrimsher.

3. Bangalore:

The last legend to couple with Wraith is Bangalore and he is more than competent enough to complement Wraith’s abilities. With Bangalore’s smokes and Wraith’s tactical, both can rush toward the opponents without giving them any side of information.