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Season 5 of Warzone is right around the corner. Thus, the countdown has begun. So, keep reading for the information you’ll need to prepare for more Warzone. Read on to learn all you need to know about Season 5’s inclusion of Kitsune, fresh new weapons, and even some unique benefits.

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Obtain a New Battle Pass

Season 5 kicks out this week with a massive new Battle Pass that includes 100 levels of new content. Pick up the Battle Pass and gain instant access to the Kitsune, then work your way up to achieve success. Additionally, gamers who buy the Battle Pass Bundle before August 31st will receive Kitsune’s “Kyubi” Operator Skin as a bonus.

New Weapons Available in Warzone Season 5

Here, you can find new Warzone weapons and everything else of Season 5.

The following are the new weapons available in Warzone:

  • Handgun Marshal
  • Riffle EM2
  • Melee Cane
  • Submachine TEC-9

TEC-9 and EM2

The EM2 and TEC-9 will be the two Battle Pass firearms, so stay tuned to the updates to know every coming weaponry recommendation. Hopefully, they’ll bring something new to the metagame and create a splash for players of all skill levels.


The Cane will also be unlocked at the start of the season, with a hefty task to accompany it.


Finally, the Marshal is a stunning-looking double-barrelled handgun that will undoubtedly pack a punch.

The Greatest of All Guns

The TEC-9 appears to be the most fascinating of the new weapon possibilities here to me. It’s a semi-automatic SMG, but barrel attachments may turn it into a fully automatic or three-round burst weapon.

Gameplay and Map Changes

When it comes to real gameplay improvements, the game will be getting some snazzy new Warzone bonuses. It should offer your Warzone loadouts a little more diversity, with Ghost and EOD being relatively common and not changing much unless you’re a bit of a crazy one.

Benefits of Joining Warzone

Here are the two unique benefits of joining Warzone:

• Scouting for Combat

When you strike an enemy, it briefly illuminates them, pinging them on the map and turning them bright orange.

• Tempered Beefs

Tempered beef improves your armor, requiring just two plates instead of three. It implies that each dish provides you with an additional 75 points of health.

Thus, that’s everything we know about Warzone Season 5 so far. Now! It’s up to you to get some positive vibes. The method you plan to play Warzone should be fantastic. Be the one to use warzone boosting and deal with game adjustments while playing the game.